Recycling Sucks is a for-profit company dedicated to debunking all things "green".

It's a myth that any one individual can do much of anything to help save the planet, so we provide tips on how to dispose of everything from paint to plastic in a way that's easiest for the consumer.

Things like "sustainability" and "carbon footprints" are just buzz words that companies and smug individuals use to help make themselves look and feel better. Corporations make stuff for people to buy and the individuals who buy the stuff throw it out when they're done. Let's not kid ourselves -- tossing a plastic bottle or aluminum can in a recycling bin, where it probably won't even end up getting recycled, isn't going to patch up the hole in our ozone layer or make the earth any less warm.

So look to us for help in being the anti-green, lazy consumer you know you are.

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